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This website is the place where I share with you all the information about/on the training that we are developing with the voice and all the phonation process, the process of speech and communication. That is always thanks to the work and trust of my colleagues and students.

The language phonetic peculiarity depends on the right position of your jaws, tongue, lips … and the necessary energy amount/dose you need for this kind of training to work in a clear and right way to discover the Spanish language melody.

The children´s play in their early childhood, when they discover their own sounds and learn their mother tongue – or in the bilingual case their mother tongues – is exactly the “simple” way we must rediscover as adults when we learn other languages. This means learning with our body, finding and practising those new phonemes which are produced in a different way from the ones in our mother tongue. Those ones which are, therefore,  difficult for us to reproduce as adults.

About me

I have been developing the voice training for a long time and mainly for two reasons; my know-how and education and my deep passion for one of the most important fields of my profession: acting.
I have been an actor for more than ten years and I was trained in different disciplines such as text, body and voice. The vocal work has always been one of the fields where I keep on developing my skills persistently.  At the beginning of my career, I learned several techniques from great masters and teachers. Later, I deepened and developed the exercises I am offering now by myself.

I understand work as a whole; the body produces a sound, at almost the same time it is articulated by the resonators and turns into voice, which emits  words that are able to communicate and touch.

There are exercises that could be more or less useful, but working on a regular and constant basis, without a doubt, guarantees to find results and improve speech. As an apprentice and student of English, German and Catalan, I have been doing this type of practice since the beginning of my artistic education and it has proved to behightly effective.

Who is these vocal training aimed at?

 –   Foreign people, both children and adults, whose mother tongue is different from the Spanish one and who wish to have control of the typical sounds of this language, either from the pronunciation and accent point of view.

 –  Children who need some help with their speech, in particular with producing some sounds or combination of consonants and vowels, which are not usually paid attention to but which can endure until adulthood.

 –  “Voice professionals such as those that use speech, voice or wordson a daily basis. Actors, announcers, teachers, performers, communicators, journalists and students or applicants to these occupations who need a special vocal education to control their speech.

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